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It should be said, the rule of law have an impact on the government's construction of each people, because the government's construction of the rule of law in all public powers, the executive power is infiltrated every aspect of citizens' lives. We often say that the executive power is everywhere,abercrombie pas cher, and is accompanied by a person from birth to death every day,christian louboutin paris, so from this point of view, if the executive powers of government are subject to effective constraints, there will be no abuse,hollister soldes, then the individual rights of citizens will be guaranteed. Government building the rule of law is a matter for each individual issue. � Chu Zhaohui: Under the present circumstances,barbour shop online, the government can only say that the lack of the rule of law seriously affect people's lives, from environmental pollution,basket giuseppe zanotti, social security, health care,magasin hollister, education,abercrombie et fitch, equity and quality to food safety.Core issues or in selecting and employing people, the existence of the phenomenon of reverse eliminated, moral and good people lack the opportunity for the community to give full play to their talents, many people do not have the moral authority dominated,louboutin homme pas cher, a serious impediment to the healthy development of all walks of life and social quality of life improved, triggering a series of social problems. The rule of law is a key part of the government building of the rule of law throughout society,abercrombie and fitch paris, the key to clear the boundary authority of government,barbour france, society,hollister abercrombie, people,abercrombie and fitch paris, reducing ultra vires,louboutin femme pas cher, abuse of power, autocracy,basket giuseppe zanotti, thus making more effective powers to protect the people,abercrombie and fitch pas cher, learn to make choices according to their own judgment, and through appropriate laws and regulations to protect these options can be implemented. Rule of law the government to regulate people's behavior,christian louboutin paris, the behavior of government officials,hollister femme, ideological resources to make all aspects of contemporary social development of extreme lack of further opening up and development, through rich ideological emancipation and provide more powerful gravity for the community to improve and enhance people's lives . � Geng Li Jian: rule of law.
of course, the system to be designed and good protection mechanism.5 Disclosure of government information do you care? Most want to know which areas of public information? � Chu Zhaohui: Of course concerned public is the best antiseptic. From the legal point that the government is a public service organization commissioned,hollister abercrombie, it uses the power to do all the things people should be entrusted to its principal public. Specifically,basket louboutin femme, there are three major aspects that should be disclosed:First, the selection and employment, the biggest problem in this area, but also a breeding ground for other problem. I was in the country survey found that many teachers do not know who the Secretary of Education is certainly not going to publicity, but how to make these people are, and how this power will become openly palm up, not by a few people private decision.Second, the sources and uses of money. The last five years due to a number of local government invited me to do the financial aspects of the use of funds before and after the performance evaluation,guiseppe zanotti, found in this area due to the lack of openness of the problems is amazing. Budget System should be further tightened,basket louboutin femme, the financial funds to spend taxpayer visible, the lingua franca of things, spend taxpayers are willing to spend on the things it takes.Three are all related to making government affairs must be open, in part also requires the implementation of appropriate public. Government staff not carrying public ownership,abercrombie & fitch, only based on the taxpayer's arrangements for his fair share of things trying to do as much as possible. Dry,christian louboutin soldes, they also need to see the public to prevent illegal.With respect to the execution, the government affairs decisions should be part of a more open, some of the existing information disclosure requirements for government documents have yet to focus on those. � Chen Shuhui: I think it is related to people's livelihood with the people, from policy formulation to the final draft to the public for the people.
government building is the core issue in the future national development and social progress of economic improvement. We are engaged in technological innovation for the industrial development of the people, but also the formation of innovation and technological progress of our society most needs. For individuals, but also the need to protect our civil liberties community development.4 Invites the public to participate,chaussures louboutin pas cher, you will participate in it when the government important decisions or norms? � Wang Jingbo: I should attend. Scientific and administrative decisions we speak, democratization, the rule of law, scientific is its highest goal, democratization and the rule of law is a way and a path leading scientific.Without the public's democratic participation, we do not go to government decision-making suggestions, there is no way to set the public's intelligence. So be active and effective participation by the public,louboutin femme pas cher, through democratic participation mechanisms,hollister femme, a collection of more public comments, officials and the public exchange of views can go up a platform to game. � Chu Zhaohui: I have been in two places either CPPCC members,abercrombie pas cher, although it is no longer any CPPCC National Committee members, as did thirty years of social surveys,abercrombie and fitch pas cher, the public through various channels to reflect the many questions I need the government to solve, so I has been very careful to observe how the government to make major decisions, how to develop norms. If there is such an opportunity, I will actively participate,abercrombie and fitch pas cher, give full play to their expertise and capabilities in order to safeguard their rights is the right of all parties associated with the maintenance of this attitude,hollister soldes, dutifully. � Support to repair Yi: I itself is democratic parties, municipal inspectors, it is necessary to participate. � Geng Li Jian: I will participate. It is the right and duty of citizens. Currently we have to emphasize the obligation.


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