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to 9:18, the leaders and the community of ringing bells will be ringing bells 14 hand, the implication is that it's fall and northeast China war for 14 years. Today there are three people who hand ringing bells,abercrombie and fitch paris, which are 83-year-old war veteran Ru Fei,basket louboutin femme, Liu Jiaqi sixth grade students,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, as well as gear Compressor Co., Ltd. Shenyang Blower staff Xu Qiang. With bells, Shenyang City to air raid sirens sounded, bells and sirens warn us not forget national humiliation cherish peace and rejuvenation, after the ceremony, cadres and the masses will visit the museum.Look at Qingdao. This morning, Qingdao Marine Police Detachment officers will be invited to the resident Baotou Road Primary School teachers and students jointly launched "Do not forget national humiliation vibration I China" activities.Coast Guard dock in Qingdao.
and in writing On the "Do not forget national humiliation vibration my Chinese" banner solemnly signed. Finally, the soldiers will carry out sea combat exercise police, emergency response during simulated emergency situation at sea.To enhance students' awareness of national defense and patriotism,abercrombie soldes, Qingdao primary and secondary schools today have launched a variety of national defense education activities. There are many schools like Baotou Road Elementary School, and the Green Force joint educational activities. There are schools in all grades two-week military training activities, training students physique, honed will enhance the national defense education concepts. According to the request, Qingdao elementary and junior high school in the last year will be included in the education and teaching of national defense education program so that students master the basic knowledge and skills of national defense.For most people the impression of war scenes and memories may come from television drama which,louboutin femme pas cher, however, have a lot of our current historical data and files,hollister soldes, but give us a clearer outline of the history of the original. This morning, Anhui Province archives will be free and open war archives.Today is the "Mukden Incident" 83 anniversary in the morning 9:18.
Qingdao police officers and soldiers are getting ready for the event methodical, and some commemorative banner hanging,hollister femme, some busy forums field layout,louboutin femme pas cher, some wiping guns. 10:00,hollister abercrombie, marine police patrol boat 37036 will whistle,abercrombie et fitch, then,abercrombie et fitch, the soldiers will be invited to the 50 elementary school students and teachers together against the flag solemn oath to serve the country cherish the memory of the martyrs of love,louboutin homme pas cher, abide by the martyrs behest. Subsequently,christian louboutin paris, the Qingdao Marine Police Detachment instructors will work with students to discussion,guiseppe zanotti, to the students about "September 18" Incident, the Japanese invasion of China's history and atrocities, so that students understand that part so that the Chinese people broke our hearts years.
invasion of northeast China,hollister femme, manufacturing shocked the world "Mukden Incident",abercrombie soldes, opened a brutal war of aggression against China. In the following year, also in northeast China established the puppet state of Manchukuo puppet regime,christian louboutin paris, that is,hollister soldes, ever since the beginning of the right people in the Northeast for 14 years of slavery and colonial rule.Danger, do not forget national humiliation,hollister site officiel, to commemorate the "Mukden Incident" 83 anniversary commemoration held multiple regions of China. First to refocus Shenyang. 83 years ago,abercrombie and fitch pas cher, late at night, the Japanese Kwantung Army at the time of Mukden, now Shenyang, Shenyang wicker blew up near Lake South Manchurian railway tracks, creating a "Mukden Incident." Today there anything commemoration?8:09,christian louboutin soldes, who attended today's Shenyang City, "918" in front of the Museum of alarm ringing bells ceremony has gradually come to the museum, dignified standing remnant calendar Beiqian. According to museum sources.
was made an important contribution to the war heroic poem .Hefei Mr Li said that this exhibition of more than 70 pieces of archives, records the history of the war, Anhui people,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, remind us to forget national humiliation, be prepared.It is understood that this exhibition is free and open to the public, for the public interested in the history of resistance can visit.In addition to these areas, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province today will air raid sirens sounded, commemorated in various forms.(Original title: more Mukden Incident 83 anniversary commemoration of Anhui Archives open war Reference News Network June 25 foreign media reported that thousands of years.
Anhui Province, Hefei,abercrombie and fitch pas cher, Wuhu, given away,christian louboutin pas cher, etc. will be held province unified 918 air raids activities.In addition to air-raid siren sounded today, 11:00, in the eastern Anhui Province Museum Sanxiaokou old building on the first floor, will feature "Let's archives tell us - Anhui 1937 ~ 1945 Archives Exhibition",hollister soldes, this exhibition of more than 70 pieces of files ,christian louboutin pas cher, most of the war file is first announced to the public.In order to keep in mind lasted, did not forget national humiliation,louboutin homme pas cher, digging through archives collections of Anhui War period Anhui archives,hollister femme, well-organized preparation, completion of the "Let's archives tell us - Anhui 1937 ~ 1945 Archives Exhibition" exhibit work. Show points Anhui Japanese invasion, heinous crimes rose in four parts of the war, the war,louboutin homme pas cher, of which the first two parts, with the original iron archives as evidence, announced the Japanese cruel oppression Anhui, burning prostitution sweep,barbour soldes, evil, in numerous blood for Anhui committed; "rise of the war, the War Victory" exhibition is to show the face of the Japanese people in Anhui brutal atrocities against the common enemy, fought the war, a strong fight the Japanese invaders.


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