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piumino moncler donna all of them have shaken look. Subway shut the door quickl









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People are running down, shut the door on the subway. At that time, passengers waiting on the platform and on the 10th line transfer passengers from Line 5 is also unknown so to run up. Tencent microblogging,piumino moncler donna, a passenger said,moncler uomo, do not know in the end what happened,moncler piumini donna, but seeing everyone ran very scared, the first reaction is ran. At this point the subway broadcast "all police officers promptly to the 5th line over here." According to a passenger on the 10th line of said first entered the subway station to open the door, it flapping in the wind poured a lot of people,woolrich uomo, all of them have shaken look. Subway shut the door quickly,piumino moncler donna, squeeze talent to catch his breath,giubbotti woolrich, have started to call with relatives,peuterey, friends tell chaotic process,abercrombie firenze, but said they do not know what happened. One girl said she lost the boxes are crowded.
passengers unknown parts produced panic situation, the station has been and Times public security department. Beijing subway tips in case of emergency situations, please do not panic, please inform the staff.Shenyang Metro riots security door smashedApril 15, 7 pm, Shenyang Metro Line Avenue when a train entering the station on board the youth riots, doors,modelli hollister, security doors smashed,hollister shop online, and a number of trains delayed. Witnesses said the subway closed ready to start when a man in his mouth constantly shouting: "! Open the door, open the door,scarpe hogan uomo, on fire,peuterey sito ufficiale," then raising his hand Safety Hammer scored the train began smashing the door. Many passengers in the car screaming scared.
afraid to go back to take.According to one witness said the car was on board a passenger disputes. "One guy rushed to catch a man, shouting I will kill you,outlet peuterey, the results we all panicked." Another two friends also confirmed this view. It is understood that the subway will soon quell the riots, did not affect the normal operation of the train.Beijing subway micro-Bo said yesterday noon, a passenger reflect panic occurred this morning in the 5th line Huixinxijie South Side station. It is understood that around 9:00 this morning on the 5th line train in 1072 while running to Huixinxijie South Side station because inside there is a dispute caused some crowding of passengers to get off.
26-year-old  was in sad for surgery boyfriend Luga Jubilee prayer.Nanning young Luga Jubilee home after 80 am on New Year's Day this year, suffered a fire, he rushed into the flames to 64-year-old mother back out, they have been badly burned. Small group of children of filial move shocked many users, they have to chip in and Nanning public assistance for their donations,hollister milano, called "Yongcheng dutiful son."As of press time reporter, users and the public spontaneously donated more than 20 million in donations to save the mother lives.
and then to both sides of the car to run, scared many passengers panicked. After an investigation,outlet bologna woolrich, the day is a passenger car mistakenly heard someone say during the fire, after they use car safety hammer will train smashed glass from the windows out of the train has been parked, causing other passengers panic.Provide clues / Ms Chu(Original title: Passengers have been crowded off uneXinhua Nanning,moncler shop online, February 16 (Reporter Zhang Ying, Xia Jun) looked hastily out of the operating room nurse in white, she stood in the aisle clutching the phone from time to time looking down at the time,abercrombie outlet online, tears hanging in the corner ... February 15,moncler donna, Nanning Early spring in the air seems to have inundated the taste of Valentine's Day.


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