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A pair of helpless parents, for stealing a strict discipline of his son, a belt with chains and tractor just turned 15-year-old son to tie in a barn for two weeks, and behold,moncler official site, not only did not achieve the purpose of discipline,http://www.msntop.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=22394, but it never lost son. The couple thus became suspects riding on a dock. Recently,woolrich online store, Menghai People's Court sentenced the defendant to maltreatment small Ming-tai,woolrich originale riconoscere, Wenzhong each three years in prison, suspended for five years.
Parents 'discipline' the tragic death of 15-year-old pig sty
Last October 25 at 7 pm, 15-year-old Zhang Li Ming hair is natural mother and stepfather Wenzhong small tai tortured to death. When he died, Zhang Li made the right skin becomes dark, right elbow to the forearm about 15 cm long flesh had disappeared, leaving only been off the exposed bones ...... The forensic identification, Zhang Li made the cause of death was multiple organ infection causes the body failure.
According to the police investigation, 15-year-old Zhang Li from the bottom of a small theft by nature, do not listen to discipline, has been taken away by police. Because after yet reached the legal age of criminal responsibility,http://www.paganplaceforum.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?101232.last,moncler badia, but they did not meet the statutory stolen property conviction amounts, can not be held criminally responsible, each parent can only notice a small Di Ming Zhang Wenzhong and stepfather brought him to pay damages return.
Last October 10, Zhang Li sent again to the old Ban Zhang Meng Brown Township village of stealing a motorcycle and fled the scene time and was arrested. Police station informed his parents again to the police station for processing,giacca woolrich, Ming Di couple also paid a small compensation fee of $ 200.
Zhang Li hair in the way home from the police station collar,nike air max 90 pas cher, Wenzhong grew more and more gas,http://www.pangpangya.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=112001,site tn pas cher, he became stepfather just four months,http://www.sportigo.me/blogs/3982/81419/three-of-them-seriously-however, on account of stealing someone else's property stepson lost more than 4,000 yuan. So after arriving home, a husband and wife together,http://www.answers.tw/node/8#comment-9838391, put Zhang Li hair hands tied with a rope and a belt with a tractor on the Zhang Li hair tied in a house next to the pigpen. To sleep at night, Zhang Li made two talents will move home. Then, they used a dog chain and padlock to lock his hands tied up,modelli woolrich, the key players in the custody of a small Di Ming.
Thus, in the next 12 days,moncler spaccio aziendale, Zhang Li hair was tied in a barn during the day, at night were locked in the bedroom. Period, Zhang Li made frequent attempts to escape, has been struggling to exert oneself, the results furrowed his right wrist chains worn badly mutilated. October 21, Zhang Li hair started not eating, rubs right hand began swelling and inflammation,http://finpedia.net/Main_Page, wrist color black. Wenzhong and quickly put out the small tai chains made from the hands of Zhang Li release, Zhang Li made to hold the feet daily. At 19:00 on October 25, the couple came home to find Zhang Li hair dead in a barn.
When it is taken away by police, Ming and Zhang Wenzhong both small tai bewildered that parenting children is "right and proper", they do not know their behavior has violated the criminal law, but did not know he had made the ill-treatment.
Court constitutes maltreatment own mother stepfather
Menghai People's Court held that the defendant Zhang Wenzhong and Ming Di using small chains,http://www.leatu.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1106593, belts tied his son bundled way home,chaussure jordan femme pas cher, causing the death of its serious consequences occur, the behavior of the two defendants had violated the criminal law, constitutes abuse sin. Prosecutor accused guilty, the court shall be supported. Victims are often out in the theft case,http://oshosatori.ru/en, incorrigible, on the occurrence of cases of a serious fault, and the two defendants pleaded guilty to justice after a good attitude,sconti woolrich, show repentance,basket nike air max pas cher homme, the Court shall be taken into account when sentencing. To protect citizens' personal rights are not infringed, the maintenance of social order, then made the above verdict.
Chen Hai Lin Xia pointed reporters (City Times)

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