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The first 25 "World AIDS Day" Special Report
Gray bottoming sweater, a white apron tied outside, 27-year-old Liang Long Sichuan deftly wash the cup,nike tn, wipe the desktop. She is a red tile Temple "17 happy 8" coffee shop proprietress,http://www.i-0452.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1270091, another identity, it is AIDS prevention volunteers. Diplodocus Sichuan less than two years with the cafe's Love, "AIDS Prevention" already insist on a full nine years. Upcoming December 1, 2012 is the first 25 "World AIDS Day", the theme of "action, to 'zero' HIV forward." As this date approaches, diplodocus Sichuan went public.
AIDS prevention into the school freshman accidental association
Into diplodocus Sichuan cafe, soothing music, comfortable seating,mulberry outlet, and a capable Diplodocus Sichuan clothes,louboutin, walking rush, with cafe style somewhat dissonant. Cafe after diplodocus back to Chengdu Shu 2010 opening, is now her main source of income.
Diplodocus Sichuan has a sideline - AIDS prevention volunteers. No one can think of, she's the sideline from freshman to start. 2004, has just admitted to the Central University for Nationalities journalism department, Footloose Diplodocus Shu would want to be a volunteer, who knows only go when there are seats AIDS Prevention Association. Diplodocus Sichuan idea especially simple, as long as volunteers, doing does not matter.
November 28 this year, the association organized activities to Beijing Ditan Hospital to visit AIDS. That scene diplodocus Sichuan still fresh, "Every patient is very gaunt, brothers and senior sister apprentice with them shook hands and embraced, but inside I was terrified."
Although theoretically know everyday life is not contagious, but it was her step, but that hurdle. She did not expect that, and later, with the departure of senior senior sister apprentice, she became the person in charge of AIDS Prevention Society,http://fgc.wafighters.com/index.php/forum/8-lacinia-sed-convallis/212748-2016engmcm#212748, from "AIDS Prevention" word embedded in her life.
Students had been questioned "brain problems"
A little girl into the AIDS Prevention Society, let diplodocus Sichuan students in particular can not understand. 2005 World Day, AIDS, AIDS Prevention Association issued condoms in schools, to do AIDS prevention literacy, which made some students feel, diplodocus Shu this person too strange, even questioned that she is not a "brain problems." Recalled this experience, diplodocus Sichuan actually laughed, "understand my support for my friends not question me."
Diplodocus Shu work within the Association,air max, mainly to do peer education training. "I put my knowledge to teach you know, you send it to your friend handed reach everyone understand the effect of AIDS prevention, so that we do not discriminate against people with AIDS." Because of the training, still a student, she has a lot of travel opportunities, which have made her parents surprised one did not graduate, gnaw a lot of traveling? At the time, diplodocus Sichuan just tell parents to do their own training, but do not dare say that AIDS-related work, "then being afraid to say."
Until one day, diplodocus Shu in the mother's questioning finally tell the truth. "Mom asked me Pente with guns, there is not contagious? Was not particularly horrible?" Diplodocus Sichuan very understanding mother's concern for her daughter,http://www.isanya.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=815244, "My mother is 39 years old, I was born, I was the only child." However, my mother did not oppose her daughter to continue to do AIDS prevention volunteers,nike air max pas cher, so Diplodocus Sichuan continue doing AIDS prevention training.
Hair pretending to be cool for the training of high-risk groups
Junior year, to Qingdao, a Diplodocus Sichuan AIDS prevention agency internship, she was asked to train at high risk of AIDS. This is a huge challenging job,peuterey outlet, "some people only believe the experts and doctors, obviously I do not meet their requirements, I have to draw them."
However, diplodocus Sichuan preparatory work before the training was "pretending to be cool." - Hot hair and dyed exaggerated colors, wearing camouflage pants. Speaking of which, she laughed, saying that the dress can HOLD to live wherever he goes, in order to give the audience a sense of awe.
Diplodocus Sichuan achieve its purpose. That internship, she gave AIDS high-risk groups did dozens of training, this is her "AIDS Prevention" the most difficult, the most significant achievement once.
Give up their jobs to continue to do AIDS prevention work
When graduating from college,http://dz.wannajoy.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1119864, before diplodocus Shu have ready jobs, "I majored in journalism, business class newspapers and comprehensive news media have told me an olive branch." However, diplodocus Shu hesitated for four months, the final choice is to continue do AIDS prevention.
University for four years, diplodocus Shu by reading books, check the information opportunities,piumini moncler, internships,piumini moncler, etc., have learned a lot of knowledge and AIDS prevention. Show symptoms of AIDS, when the medication,http://www.yxszw.net/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=41514, what to do after taking the medication after what the response will be some, even the name of the patient medication, she knows for sure. Unconsciously, this girl has become a professional AIDS prevention volunteers. "AIDS prevention need me more." Diplodocus Shu said, this road she has very much at home, just as there are forces in virtually pulling her to continue to move forward. After graduation, she entered an AIDS prevention organization in Dongguan, where only one female to become AIDS prevention volunteers, "My job is no longer just training, but to take over the large-scale projects, I am now in charge of the seven factories AIDS prevention publicity . "
A stick & gt; & gt; & gt;
She is the only female male volunteers with organizations
Diplodocus Sichuan have been thinking about themselves in the end that the AIDS prevention as the main industry or sideline. Such thinking, she is also the years between Guangdong, Beijing, Sichuan and "drift" for a long time and finally decided to drop the root of Chengdu.
Diplodocus Shu's father is Guizhou, Sichuan Luzhou mother, but she hit Sichuan be no birth, Sichuan dialect also put little standards. She comments on his own is also very strong personality too straight, hoping to wear a casual wear resistance in Chengdu, which is to open a cafe she chose one of the reasons.
Once thought,abercrombie france, with cafes, when the boss, you can no longer do AIDS prevention work, Diplodocus Shu said, "tired, do the training a station on the day, and sometimes work fifteen and sixteen hours, or even no time to fall in love . "But as has been in the circle, she received an invitation to return to Chengdu, Chengdu Fun Health Advisory Center for Wang Xiaodong's. In the face of such an invitation, diplodocus Shu can not refuse,http://www.2233bb.org/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=27183, even though this is a work in a "comrade" agency, although the agency she was the only one girl.
Went to the World AIDS Day, diplodocus Sichuan and busy, like AIDS chaired the 25th meeting will be the same with reporters, she was enjoying the current state. Cafe owner and "AIDS Prevention" volunteers, two identities so she never tired.
Tianfuzaobao reporters Songjian Qin Huang Yao photography
Morning Express Comment & gt; & gt; & gt;
Passing warm with persistent
■ Yu Lisheng
Diplodocus Shu do AIDS prevention volunteer one to do that for nine years,hogan, upon graduation, many news media told her an olive branch, but her final choice is to continue to do AIDS prevention. If we say that people with AIDS in this society is the "edge" of Diplodocus Shu nine years, is not the usual way to go. Especially Lingrenganpei, she constantly challenge themselves courage,jordan pas cher,http://www.shujuquan.com.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, and vowed to adhere to the dedication. She said: "AIDS prevention need me more."
Hemingway once said: "No one is self-contained,nike tn pas cher, isolated island, everyone is part of the vast continent." People,http://bbs.qqlbw.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=185601, what are social animals. Diplodocus Shu obtain self-identity while adhering to dream, to get social recognition in the persistent pay. She insisted that no loss of human feelings taught journalism for the.
Some people pursue their personal values, indifference to others; interest some people happen to others, to realize their own social value in pay and dedication. Diplodocus Sichuan AIDS prevention dedication to the AIDS special warmth.
(Original title: "AIDS Prevention" walk this road a 9 years)
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