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tn air max 2014 pas cher to extend the retirement age five years









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some employees know when he will retire,tn air max 2014 pas cher, we might have planned to give their children the children and their children will be prepared in accordance with this arrangement pregnancy.While waiting period is necessary, but not too long. It's like a person running, the end is fixed, and so on too long now, the back must run faster; now wait too short,plats christian louboutin, it is more easily later. If our generation for the sake of comfort,piumini moncler 2014 donna, has been reluctant to delay retirement, drag on for eight or ten years,abercrombie longue manches tees, then later have to go far to delay retirement pace great impact on people's lives was also great. After studying our proposal,nike tn officiel, the moment should soon announce our plan to delay retirement,tn soldes, and then gives about two years waiting period as a policy, the way to take small steps jogging two years until retirement in 2050, was extended to 65 years after .The actual impact of delayed retirement about one percent of new jobsChina Youth Daily: On delay retirement, many survey results show that almost one-sided public opposition. How do you think the public's position on this issue?Gongsen: In most countries the implementation delay retirement, are relatively strong public opposition. But without exception,louboutin pas cher femme, almost all countries in the strong opposition by the regulations. I believe that if the public speak clearly inappropriate to delay retirement will affect the sustainability of the pension system and macroeconomic.
is a common practice in almost all countries face increasingly heavy pressure of social pension. United States, Germany, France and other countries, even in the financial crisis, poor employment environment pressure, are also strongly promote the delay retirement plan.China Youth Daily: Japan,hollister magasin, the United States and other countries, although only three or four years to extend the retirement age, but it took 30-40 years to transition. How our retirement system should be gradual delay it?Gongsen: No country in the world, a one-time extension of the ruling party dare to retirement age three to five years. The so-called progressive,chaussure tn pas cher, meaning that small step walking is a common practice around the world to implement a delay retirement. For example, to extend the retirement age five years, then in several decades slowly carried on the extension of a few months each year.In addition to gradual transition,louboutin paris, but before execution after a delay retirement policies, generally there will be a waiting period. During this period,veste abercrombie and fitch, the national organization and management can be prepared. More importantly,christian louboutin paris, you can let the public life of their own expectations and adequate arrangements. For example.
China's urban workers over the age of 50 labor force participation rate has been declining. Whether the United States and other developed countries, and India and other developing countries is compared to our elderly workers labor force participation rates are significantly lower. There are people who rely on maintaining the ability to work after exiting the labor market for survival? Nothing more than a family pensions and social transfer payments in two ways. Contributions are fewer and fewer, more and more recipients, the national economy and ultimately unsustainable pension funds.After retiring to live a comfortable, happy life,nike tn 2014, is an important welfare of citizens in a civilized society should enjoy. But can not go to the extreme, not without considering the future sustainability of the pension system,louboutin soldes, the only emphasizes contemporary early retirement benefits, regardless of the welfare of future generations. If you do, it will give a negative impact on the entire social and economic. Europe's debt crisis and the accompanying economic and social crisis is a typical example in this regard.China Youth Daily: Pension and Welfare Policy in the European debt crisis played what role?Gongsen: my view is to some extent exacerbated the debt crisis in Europe. In the 1950s.
especially state officials and the general public in pay and pensions gap on pension benefits, in order to win the public's understanding and support.Recommended to set a waiting period of about two years,hogan scarpe, to around 2050 to extend the retirement age to 65 yearsChina Youth Daily: how you see "gradual retirement age policy," "Decision" made?Gongsen: This policy appears important official documents of the party and the country in the first time, but in the previous departments and experts and scholars have been discussed many times. We basically formed a consensus - the introduction of this policy has a very urgent and practical needs.World Bank data show that from the beginning of this century.
Western Europeans working hours per year more than a month on average than Americans. But today,tn pas chere, Americans average working hours per year than in Western Europe many people a month. At the same time, Western Europeans also shorten the length of service, the actual retirement age in many Western European countries decreased by 8 years of age,barbour pas cher, while the United States, Canada and other countries only reduced by about four years. For the Western European countries, the average life expectancy in the national retirement age increase,barbour, while significantly reducing the burden of the social pension is more and more heavy. China should learn from this lesson, make appropriate adjustments to pension policy, do not let it have a negative impact on the macroeconomy. The extension of retirement.


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