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to offset the company's profits,scarpe hogan donna, the formation of unlisted coffers, and then send the money to the workers from the coffers.This is the name of chief financial officer said that they follow Qimou introduction,giubbotti peuterey nuovo arrivo, contacted several units in exchange for cash, and made a fake agreement, service fees or consulting fees, equipment fees on behalf of the company brought out the big account check, that a few After the units to give them cash, give them to facilitate invoicing do account. In fact, companies and other businesses have not had real, is to be able arrived in the formation of the company's profits in unlisted coffers,air max 1 femme, then in addition to the total amount of wages to workers send money. Coffers by the financial sector management.
the company is deputy general manager of First Instance found after being constituted crime of owned assets.Later, deputy general manager of both positive innocence. Deputy General Manager Chen said he did not directly manage or handle the issue of excessive bonuses, to convict him unfairly. The general manager Qimou thinks employees exceeding the performance is not rewarded, ultimately damaged or countries. � illegal act7 years bonuses 16640000State-owned enterprises involved in this case by the central management by the National Electrical industry's largest conglomerates holding.Qimou and Chen was the general manager of the state-owned enterprises, respectively, deputy general manager. According to the parent company's notification requirements.
Qimou was found, from 2004 to 2005,abercrombie gilets, he was isolated from the above money in 181,000 yuan.According to the provisions of the parent company, Research 2004 salary was $ 180,hollister soldes france,000 in 2005 was 190,000 yuan. Other executives believe that the company's good benefits and contributions Qimou inseparable, Research as number one, big responsibility, pay less than to take on the meeting decided to give him a replacement. Eventually,hoodies abercrombie and fitch, Qimou 2004 actually received 219.
Dandong City on May eight plant expansion construction site near the road dug up 11 shells trencher, identified by professionals during the Korean War legacy down, now These shells have been taken away by public security officers risk management process.16:00 the same day, May eight plants near Dandong ongoing road construction, when the driver is operating trencher, struck suddenly felt a hard object, the driver found the shells to see immediately the police, border police station in Dandong City, wave Police rushed to the scene fast.According to the police the day of the police, the crowd was already forty or fifty people. In order to ensure the safety of the police halted the construction work,air max pas cher pour homme, every pull out a safe distance alert, evacuate the crowd gathered.In order to avoid collision with hard objects such as shells shovels,christian louboutin pas cher, excavators unarmed police, the four and a half "outcrop" shells removed. Then again on the slope next to the shells have been dug up seven.Then came the professionals identified through this 11 shells have an anti-aircraft shells, 10 bombs,jordan pas cher, according to these shells were dug shape and location, professionals suspected hazardous materials left over from the Korean War era. At present, these shells have been taken away public security organs risk management personnel for processing.(Original title: Construction dug 11 shells dug unarmed police anti-eA company with dozens of employees of state-owned enterprises,chaussures louboutin pas cher, in order to mobilize the enthusiasm of workers, without the approval of the parent company,hollister felpe, workers over seven years to 1664 million yuan bonus payment.
a total of 60 people. Forensic Accounting inspection reports and other documents confirm that from 2004 onwards a total of seven years, the parent company approved the total wage bill of the company's total of more than 2270 million,barbour soldes, and the company Shifa staff salaries and bonuses, subsidies, a total of 3934 million yuan, Super worth a total of 1664 million yuan. � evade inspectionTo set up bogus agreement coffersFinance official said at the time, the manager's office decided to let the financial sector from the outside for cash.
the state-owned enterprises should extract higher wages in the total wage bill approved by the company,hollister soldes, all personnel shall not additional payment,moncler gilet donna, in total wages shall not be approved for other forms of wage items charged.Qimou and the company's chief financial officer, said at the time, the company has developed its own staff salaries, bonuses system. Beginning in 2004, the company benefits has been good, the manager of the company's office study,christian Louboutin Pas Cher, to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, or in accordance with bonus distribution companies to develop their own approach to the payment of wages and bonuses to employees.Qimou said the company employees serving about 40 people,louboutin, retirees count.
records,louboutin prix, financial coffers are present personal bank account financial officer. "Otherwise, we have not been audited this year off."Qimou said each for cash, to be approved by him, usually the first to tell him beyond the total financial need much cash wages to the workers hair, he signed the application form with the money. � first instance verdictTwo leaders owned assetsAugust 2011, Research, Chen has been in custody, after the split into two cases indicted. In the two first instance verdict,chaussure louboutin pas chere, they are suspected of a crime together, that crime of owned assets.Court of First Instance to identify, from 2004 to 2011, Research together with Chen, the manager of the company's office decided that, in violation of state regulations, in the name of the unit will be 1664 million yuan collective embezzle to employees of the unit. Among them.

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