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hollister abercrombie but he did the first jump









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Qian Jun Lei allow drivers to climb out of collusion, he always stood in the car to escape at pushing people out. The fire after the car more and more violent,hollister abercrombie, more and more concentrated smoke inside,scarpe hogan, passengers stumbled out of jumping from one to escape the mouth,louboutin pas cher, Qian Jun Lei stood escape mouth, but he did the first jump,hollister paris adresse, but to help Passengers escape.Ambulance came, Qian Jun Lei disregard covered with blood, with the traffic police immediately organized the wounded were seriously injured and light boarding to the hospital for treatment, but he did ride until the last one was taken to hospital.To the hospital, regardless of their own little money and was also injured,doudoune parajumpers, before the run after run to help the seriously injured. The 12th in the morning.
he saw neither shoes together hospitalized passengers was not any meal, they pay for each passenger to buy shoes and breakfast. Two passengers wait for compensation, would like to go ahead of the car, a little money again dig your pocket all the money to buy them tickets. This two passengers want to leave a little money to address future pay back the money, but he insisted that the address did not tell them.Xinhua Wuhan, October 11 (Reporter Li Wei) 20 years ago, 17-year-old boy accidentally stabbed others, since then, he began to flee the road. On the 11th, Shiyan City, Hubei Yun County police,louboutin pas cher, the murder suspect to escape Zhao was arrested recently, broke down in tears when Zhao said the fugitive was arrested ate human suffering, fear, should have surrendered.According to the briefing, July 21,talon louboutin pas cher, 1994,louboutin paris, when he was 17-year-old town of Shiyan City in Anyang County, Zhao Yun Zhao Village because watching the same two groups of villagers when Kemou chess, and Kemou dispute and tussle, Zhao with a knife Kemou fled after the stabbing, after Kemou after she died. After the incident,nike tn requin homme, Zhao has removed much of the country, in brick,air max 1, coal, stones factory and other risks and harsh environments where workers. In 2010, he replaced the names of others to handle the ID card, and marriage and children.For 20 years, Yun County Public Security Bureau to take a variety of means to collect fugitive murder suspect Zhao ran clues, but for a long time has not been arrested. Council recently formed an ad hoc working group, the county's murder suspects fled to sort out, the implementation of a murder a special class, a murder of a pursuit program, layers of responsibility.Recently.
due to a sudden blow to the direction of the driver, passenger left after rollover glide over 20 meters, and the rapid roll to the right 90 degrees to the ground. Jun Qian Lei dumped down from the upper berth, heavily hit his head on the metal frame."Oh, a car accident!" Feel the first time the car has a little money roll on the ground. At this point,henleys crews abercrombie and fitch, the rear compartment has been on fire,abercrombie bikini, chaos inside, choking smoke, cries for help, coughing, crying into a sound."I was the Navy fighters. Please do not panic,hogan outlet, listen to my command." Penny suppressing severe pain, struggling to stand up, together with the driver picked up the fire extinguisher to pound the front windshield.After twenty-three minutes of effort, smashed the windshield cracked a little bit, but not broken. Seeing little money with hard punches and elbow drop, breaking his hand a felled, cut glass hands were too bloody, he completely ignored. Finally the glass was broken open a big hole. At this point,escarpin louboutin pas cher, the car smoke more and more concentrated,polos abercrombie and fitch, the situation is extremely critical, passengers crowd swarmed to the front."This time,hogan uomo, the Navy fighter very calm, he said aloud, we all do not squeeze,hogan uomo, squeeze who can escape to, so that children and women to go out." Passenger Lixin Feng recalled thrilling scene, full of gratitude and admiration feelings. Her year-old son was more than a little money from the mouth to escape the first one sent out.In Qian Jun Lei organization, in accordance with the order of the first passengers to children, the elderly, women's priorities and orderly escape from the mouth to climb out. "In that critical situation, there is no confusion there is no stampede to escape the scene,louboutin, thanks to a strong naval fighter command organization, otherwise I do not know how many people burned to death!" Post-processing traffic accidents thumbs up Li praised the quality of hair to understand the situation, "a soldier is not the same. "Passengers escape in the organization process.


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