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christian louboutin paris there is a pedestrian in front of the road









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and my heart has become not the taste. According to rescue people who've been before, and some will not write a word,christian louboutin paris, Lvkai can help them find a home, in front of the aunt may have the appropriate cultural foundation, how to find valuable information on it? Situation becomes more complicated in front, which is also marked by Lvkai hearts a deep question mark.Middle-aged woman with blue eyes staring at the police look, and started moving his hand breaking the pen."Auntie, we are here to help you, you want to go home?" Lvkai guess middle-aged women may suffer a heavy blow to the psychological resistance of strangers.Perhaps Lvkai sincerity touched her.
if their behavior is sufficient to constitute a crime, places forged documents state organs,blouson pjs, certificates, stamps graft.(Original title: list,borse hogan outlet, there are dead for decades people have a difference of 10-year-old "d   "Is '9353', which can salvage a lot Pathwalker!" Speaking of numbers for 9353 of the police car, police said Lvkai special affinity with it, the last time that drove it on the highway found wandering in Guangxi ABBA's pool.At 12:00 on May 6th,hogan outlet, 2011,air max bw pas cher, Jiangxi Traffic Police Corps detachment of the Third Brigade directly under the three police Lvkai As usual, drove the car a blessing silver high-speed duty, began four hours of patrol."Look, there is a pedestrian in front of the road!"14:20 Xu, and colleagues at Lvkai bliss silver highway patrol car at 468KM found a middle-aged woman walking roadside on the highway.When the weather is hot, but the middle-aged woman dressed thick, hand carrying a large bag, hurriedly walking on the highway. In front of the phenomenon.
the woman chaotic thoughts,hogan olympia donna, while saying he is Hunan, he says that he is from Hubei,bottes christian louboutin, said a series of a dozen places.Lvkai is being unable to do anything, he was surprised to find that the woman would write a lot of words. Lvkai called her to write her name, she was very neat wrote "Song Li pieces" in the name. However, by the Population Information Network inquiry found that many people with that name. Because she could not determine which provinces, difficult to find accurate information, Lucke decided to bring back its first brigade.At this time, the sun dipped below the horizon, Lvkai already talked with the woman more than three hours, not knowing that lasted a long time but has only just begun rescue operations.Lvkai sincere help finally touched her,louboutin femme, after eight hours, when seeing everything turn into a quagmire of identity twists and turns, middle-aged women finally get to the bottom."Auntie, you are hungry, to eat it."In Jiangxi Traffic Police Corps detachment of the Third Brigade directly under the three offices, the police came to the middle-aged women end steaming supper."Song Li pieces," she called Song Li gold? !While this information to track down Lvkai find, when removed, an unexpected situation occurred. The woman said she called  changed, then she also wrote more than 20 names associated with her, trying to find their parents Lvkai information, but on the Internet but did not find anything, nor to extract valuable information.At this point,air max pas cher enfant, it was late, Lucke aunt looked confused glances.
she nodded her head,christian louboutin paris, indicating that want to go home.Lvkai clarify ideas, decided that she would have to start from the beginning to write. Lvkai told her to write your own home address, she wrote with Pioneer Corporation. Under this situation, Lucke speculated that she may get lost for many years. Subsequently, the scope of Pioneer Corporation Lvkai query in Xiangtan County jurisdiction on the Internet.
Lucke feel a little unusual,piumini moncler nuovo donna, so get off for information."Hello, I'm Jiangxi high-speed traffic,barbour homme, prohibit pedestrians on the highway, leaving you with timely,hogan 2014, thank you!" Lucke told the woman walking on the highway is dangerous, advised her to leave quickly.Middle-aged women do not bother to continue to move forward. Lucke had stopped the woman,louboutin, brought to a safe place, its inquiry. In conversation, Lucke found her not Jiangxi native, preliminary judgment she may be lost staff.The woman began to say that he is a petit wangzhuang Hebei person, Lvkai then contacted police on duty with the brigade Search names petit wangzhuang village,barbour catalogue, to communicate with the local police station by telephone, police feedback is not called "Song Li pieces" of.In order to get accurate information, Lvkai patiently with their communication, in a subsequent conversation.
along with a forged copy of the account.Yueqing Poverty Alleviation Office staff said that such practices,barbour parka femme, the intent is clear that immigrant housing subsidies allocated by households, the adult men in their parents if the account name, only as a family member to allocate, Ruoyi independent household, can be assigned a set of its own. Who forged household information, he is not known, but all the application materials submitted by the yellow village cadres are up.Zhejiang Pingyu Caixian Bi law firm lawyers believe that the material reflects the point of view, if the state or collective housing allocation targets can obtain larger amounts provided by the sale of the property,hogan outlet, some villagers household registration information to commit fraud by falsifying its subjective obviously there is a direct intentional, illegal possession for the purpose of its use of fictitious facts, conceal the truth of the method,louboutin soldes, a large amount of property fraud alleged acts of fraud.Of course, if the counterfeit household behavior and the implementation of the property in order to cheat.


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