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said Li Mei also need to be hospitalized more than a month, medical expenses should at least 50,000 yuan." Chen Wenbin said,hollister france, the hospital has been possible to reduce her medical expenses.Love each section are available through the microbloggingYesterday, Li Mei said that within six days time, loving friends have given her donations more than 110,000 yuan,woolrich parka donna, including 18,600 yuan in cash, bank transfers 88,tiffany outlet,094.89 yuan,hollister italia, Paypal transfers 11,345.53 yuan, totaling 118,040.42 yuan. She will love money each received are available through microblogging. "I hope that these love money and transparent." She said.LeMay has conducted two operations, are more successful. The first time was in March,spaccio moncler, the removal of the left leg tumor; second surgical removal of the ulcerated skin.She said it has enough money caring 110.
there have been well-intentioned people see me .22 day, someone came down the money went, I did not see his way." LeMay said that from the beginning of the 18th,cheap giuseppe zanotti, they have to have good people by phone and SMS greeting her,moncler cappotti, and by the way transfers and cash donations to her. On the 18th night, there are users group consisting of twenty or thirty people,giubbotti peuterey, had come to the hospital to visit her, and sent love money.A 14-year-old girls who started in Guangdong, transfer donations by 500 yuan, also by SMS encourage Li Mei. "Donations and many people are working aunt and sister.""Another uncle,hogan, gave me 1000 dollars,giuseppe zanotti, comforted me to take treatment." Vice Minister Li Mei that come Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of Wu Hao.Yesterday,hollister outlet, the reporter on the microblogging see Wu Hao: "at 16:00 on the 18th, drizzle, just go to Beijing Millennium Monument Hospital to visit children over this child is very strong, confident business trip to cure disease did not take too much money. I donated 1,000 yuan to her. hope the good people have to help the child to stand up. ""Only one in one hundred thousand patients have this disease."Yesterday, the reporter contacted Li Mei's doctor - Beijing Millennium Monument Hospital surgical director Chen Wenbin lymph.Chen Wenbin said Li Mei is suffering from a rare chylous lymphatic cancer, "only one in one hundred thousand patients have this disease." He explained, human intestines will produce lymph, these high-nutrition This should abdominal lymph flow to position the neck clavicle,hollister shop online, the only circulating in the upper body. Li Mei hypoplasia congenital lymphatic circulatory system, causing lymph flow to her lower extremities, and gathered in the left leg,tiffany gioielli, no reflux up, "like lake, the more lymph gathered her more uncomfortable."Li Mei is still small considering the age,giubbotti moncler, the hospital is trying not to take damage her leg skin therapy. "Conservative.
put off the legs in the water." LeMay said,piumini peuterey, parents have borrowed 50,000 yuan, after spent nor find out the cause.March this year, the parents took her to Beijing to see a doctor. "Folks you $ 10, I chipped in five yuan, send me out of the mountains to see a doctor." LeMay parents shifts, spend a few hours before putting her back out of the village, spent five days time removed to Beijing Millennium Monument hospital.Because of lack of medical expenses, his father left his mother a person to look after Li Mei, their tears out looking for a job to earn money.Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Yunnan travel Beijing donations to LeMayAfter the patient's distress message sent Li Mei,tiffany gioielli, a lot of microblogging users in determining the real thing,nike tn, the rapid reprint, and called for assistance together. "Multi sensible girl, we want to helpShe "" You are the most courageous, able to survive it. "After some users to the hospital to visit,abercrombie paris, but also announced donations account."These days.


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