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China Jiangsu Network July 10 (Reporter MIG) is too messy, one husband sister,http://tu.linuxaudiosystems.com/node/6#comment-74987264,mulberry outlet, one sister, two women the same as a man's lover, which openly sister back home to live with a lover. After adultery exposure lover beaten by her husband,hogan outlet, provoke fatal disaster, lover stabbed her husband. Reporters today from Jiangsu SuCheng Court heard that the murderer Pinger root hospital for intentional assault was sentenced to four years six months.
Pinger root enjoy Zhu (a pseudonym), when his wife's sister and did not think "rape nearly kill" will be staged in his body.
Zhu Lin (a pseudonym) and sister Wu Juan (a pseudonym) struggling to cheating when one would think after Earned provoke fatal disaster.
Pinger root of what good? Nantong Rugao people, unemployed, eating and drinking by women, Zhu Lin and Wu Juan gave  roots were more than 10,piumini woolrich,000 yuan of subsidy. Pinger root of these two aunts cast "one hundred thirty-five thousand two hundred forty-six" strategy, two aunts actually do not know share the same lover.
Wu Juan was born in 1987, her husband Zhu long-term working outside, she needs a distraction from the backlog of loneliness.
September 2012, Wu Juan online chat a netizen is Pinger roots. Within the next two years, Wu Juan has been maintained and  root lovers, and even husbands are playing ghost come forward to warn them.
Wu Juan root was very caring for Pinger,moncler sito ufficiale, Pinger root no source of income, Wu Juan gave Pinger has roots more than ten thousand yuan spending, and also with Pinger roots back to her parents lived for some time, the two "loving a plus," Wu Juan put together 2-year-old son had been close at hand,http://www.ticovision.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi, the trio seems to have a happy little family.
During maintain lover after the relationship with the Wu Juan,  roots do not know what the magic virtue, let Zhu Zhu Lin's sister told him very tough love,abercrombie france, the two established lovers,http://www.edit.ne.jp/~aino/custombbs.cgi//zdMJxiAdSW/,  root repeatedly took her to the field to play, and sexual relations . During Zhu Lin gave Pinger root 10000 dollars spending.
August 2013, Zhu Lin and  root of adultery in front of Juan Wu brought to light. At that moment, all the bare truth, Wu Juan initiative to tell her cheating Pinger roots.
This can be incredible, younger brother's wife is actually looking for his wild man wild man, Zhu's face also where to put, when my sister natural to do an exemplary, Zhu Lin said first clear sever ties to Fenger roots,http://www.prco.jp/~shake/apeboard/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=viewres&target=166368/, it also requires Juan Wu and Pinger cut off from the root. Zhu Lin Wu Juan also to guarantee and Pinger cut off from the root,http://demo.88020300.cn:82/site/lsx/bianshi/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=17569, and Zhu said the future will take great live.
Wu Juan young, better than anyone, Zhu Lin. Only a few days, Wu Juan again and Pinger roots wrapped together.
March 27, 2014,jordan pas cher, Wu Juan and  root open room in Suqian city, night phoned Zhu Wu Juan,http://www.iwata-tenjindou.co.jp/cgi-bin/wfinder.cgi,hogan, the  root actually answer the phone. So late, my wife beside a man! Zhu angry,http://tuonela.s138.xrea.com/lightbbs/light.cgi?res=2917, bitter money under their hard work, the hit man to support his wife take the next day begins with the field back to the Suqian.
Wu Juan very honest account of adultery and Pinger roots, but also very honest lied. She said bent and Pinger root sever relations, but Pinger root threatened her son to get away. She Zhu said,hollister sale, "You just come back, you can put Pinger root off."
When Wu Juan again  said breaking up the root, the root is the only requirement  Wu Juan gave him 200 dollars,woolrich sito ufficiale, he has no money to ride home. Wu Juan did not respond to him.
That was the day at 14:00 on March 29 and more,  roots money waited until 16:00 much information nor Wu Juan, we drove to the town house where Wu Juan,mulberry sale,http://phpwind.hkcnidc.com/read.php?tid=5297601&ds=1, phone contact Juan Wu.
Wu Juan mean in the end is what really makes  roots do not understand, she was on the phone to  Root said:. "My husband is not home tonight I was able to accompany you."
Pinger roots into the supermarket to buy a nearly 30 cm long fruit knife hidden in the body, and then phoned Wu Juan,air jordan pas cher, said she is moving house and told her to let him stood a house on it.
Perhaps because Yuanjialuzhai, so life should never Wu Juan. Wu Juan in Fenger root to the phone when encountered Zhu. Zhu also brought a friend, the two of Fenger root meal fat beat. root resist his sword, stabbed the abdomen and  Friends Zhu fled.
The second morning,louboutin pas cher,  root arrested at the bus station. Zhu duo the hospital to rescue out of danger, was identified, constitute injured two.
(Original title: Suqian a young woman with a lover back to her parents openly living with sister son shared a lover)
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