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basket louboutin she softly tells her









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,basket louboutin
although issued is birdsong, but that is not less than musical.Yuan Ping said,talon louboutin pas cher, and now he is planning the establishment of a "body band played" without any instruments, just by virtue of the mouth,nike tn 2014, nose, hands and other melodious melody can be played out, if you have expertise in this area,abercrombie, you can call our hotline 96333 or ,blouson pjs, joined their ranks.43-year-old laid-off worker Li suffering from lymphoma, in the last moments of her life,louboutin pas cher, and thanks to oxygen and porridge waiting, waiting for her husband to find her cornea donation channels. After completing the wish, she quietly pulled the oxygen tube, the husband  in her wish to read later and no longer forced to stop she refused oxygen, but in the side with his wife slowly away. Yesterday (10) days, friends in the "donor cornea Li memorial", silently blessing the volunteers who have donated cornea "better life in heaven."Before I die not donate corneasThat day.
Li Zhuowu finally determined to find out for her donation channels, and eventually found the Sichuan Provincial Red Cross Eye Bank. In the eye bank, he finished his wife's wish breath.Signing day she went to donate booksThat day, has just signed a book after leaving the Li family volunteering, eye bank responsible person received a call: "Li is gone."In March 23, at 8:00 am, the eye bank staff and Chengdu Cambridge Eye Hospital doctors departure to Xuanhan.After five hours' drive, a pedestrian Li arrived home, almost all were in front of the sparse hair,scarpe hogan outlet, skinny, almost unable to speak woman shocked. Pulled cornea donation consent.
Amazingly, the birds' chorus, "even by a middle-aged man into the sky, and a mouth alone can make all kinds of" birds ", he attracted the birds echoes."Ventriloquist King" attracted birds roar"Good listening!" Yesterday, when reporters came to leap lake communities,abercrombie pulls, many residents are attentively listening. "Cantata" performer in front of the South Lake community pet market birds, thrushes, finches, leiothrix ... hundreds of birds singing together,louboutin pas cher, woven into sweet "birds Sonata.""I just came from the market, and saw the lovely birds, they transform several birds singing tease them, did not think they thought it came companions, have echoed crowing." To explain to the residents of a middle-aged man,tn, that he is able to imitate the sounds of more than 30 species of animal communities "ventriloquist King" Yuan Ping. Over time, the birds singing slowly crescendos low. At the request of residents, Yuan Ping summarized from his lips, sweet "thrush sound" flowing from his lips, like induction,hollister homme, the store's thrush also issued a "chirping" sound. Later, Yuan Ping has issued calls Acacia birds and other birds, and get an immediate response,air max pas cher femme, birds chorus occur again.Blow with the birds, "Miao Morning"Yuan Ping home in Shaoyang, he grew up learning ventriloquist, "when I see people whistling, often imitated birds singing, so imitation is 30 years." Yuan Ping said that his teacher is actually a bird, as long as there are free, He'll go to the park, listening to the birds,abercrombie jeans, the scene imitation. Over time, Yuan Ping trained tongue, lips, very flexible, he can send more than 10 species of birds chirping, as horseshoe run,barbour pas cher, lamb and other animals chirping sound, it is more evident. "Now, I can use birds blown musical tunes too!" Yuan Ping said, on the spot to a period of "Miao morning".
on the side of her husband, said: "If I cure, and put me to donate corneas."December 2007 that day, 41-year-old Li Xuanhan women in West China Hospital of lymphoma was diagnosed late, and her husband Li Zhuowu always by her side. During hospitalization, Li saw a little girl because blindness mobility, she softly tells her : "If my disease incurable, and put my corneas donated to those who can not see the eyes of young people. "Li Zhuowu initially thought his wife was joking, until his wife constantly urging him to inquire about where to donate corneas,air max pas cher enfant, his wife believe this is serious. But honest  not understand how highly educated wife would not sprouted this "consciousness." After the earthquake,chaussure louboutin pas cher, Li back Xuanhan treatment. To meet the wishes of his wife's donation,  has worked went Xuanhan, Florida hospitals and the Red Cross counseling,bottes christian louboutin, but these places do not accept cornea donations. By the end of February this year, Li's body as one day, her condition deteriorated unexpected speed, and porridge every day rely on oxygen to sustain life. During that time, Li has been repeated to her husband, saying: "I want to donate corneas, as long as I did not donate to die!"At that moment, Li Zhuowu read his wife,louboutin prix, his wife love life is more than anyone else, she let his own life by donating continue. Since then.


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