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and some super-standard cars, exceed the reception.3 individual localities and departments violation surprise promotion of cadres, cadres competitive selection methods need to be further improved.Renmin University of China Schools Chief of flatted1 punishment and prevention system construction, especially financial management weaknesses, leading cadres compensation management,tn air max 2014 pas cher, self-enrollment and other aspects.2. abroad is not standardized, public funds, gifts still exists. 3 period of time,hollister felpe, the president responsibility system under the leadership of party committees carry enough place, appointment of cadres and manage different specifications. In addition,basket nike tn pas cher, the cadres and workers also reflects the presence of the Chief of the school flatted, research funding is not standardized,hollister sverige, there is a tendency to weaken the traditional school issues such as the advantages and characteristics. � Related News Violation of the provisions of 13 999 people were at eightBeijing Times (Reporter Zhang Ran) Recently, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the eight "discipline violations" - in violation of the provisions of the Central Eight spirit notifying typical problems requiring Party organizations and Party members and cadres at all levels to uphold and deepen the profound understanding of the relationship between .
the right leadership with subordinate units is not enough time.Chongqing Supervision is not in place for leaders1. leaders regulatory oversight is not in place, individual cadres shaken faith, thinking landslide, moral anomie, the presence of state-owned enterprises corruption risks, "flies" type of corruption is quite conspicuous.2 "four winds" the problem persists, there is discipline violation cases occur.3 selection and appointment of some improper practices,louboutin, selecting and appointing cadres not standardized.Import and Export Bank of China The right to use credit for personal gain1 Some loans are not standardized, there Independent risk, have the right to use the credit situation for personal gain.2 Some leaders thrift awareness is not strong, the style is not deep enough. 3 in the implementation of democratic centralism and the selection and appointment.
the basic unit supervision is weak,t shirt abercrombie and fitch, Clean and Honest individual units may not be implemented, poor management, discipline lost wide.2 reconstruction light pipe problem has not been fundamentally changed the style of writing would wind needs further improvement.3 cadre exchange is not enough,hollister pas cher france, the management is not sufficiently standardized.Inner Mongolia Engineering more prominent corruption1 mineral resource allocation, project bidding and other prominent areas of corruption; some leading cadres at festivals,tn nike pas cher, weddings have received a red envelope to send,abercrombie overalls, gifts problems.2 Some cadres to implement the provisions do work, disguised public funds; small number of cadres working in a superficial play of consciousness is not strong, failing to buck-passing,hollister paris adresse, no contact contradictions and problems.3 in some places and the number of units equipped with super job of leading cadres,nike air max 1, illegal establishment of non-leadership positions.JiangxiLeading cadres to intervene projects1 Some leading cadres and their families exist intervene construction projects,tn soldes, for personal gain,nouveaux arriv��s, holiday gifts and other issues receive bribe.2 Some cadres thinking and understanding are still gaps, there is a formalist work, some even against the wind of public funds banquets.3 ultra-prepared with the presence of cadres,nike tn, cadres individual "sick promoted reuse" and other problems. In addition, the cadres and the masses is also reflected in some places in the mineral resource protection and development, there are loopholes in the management.China Publishing Group ISBN sale or disguised sale1 exists some leaders of some violation of discipline problems, discipline inspection and supervision institutions are not perfect group,air max one, some trading units or disguised trading ISBN, illegal cooperation with private enterprises and other units, some units leadership team members violate the provisions of the Finance and Compensation Management Group.The existence of the phenomenon of high spending public funds 2 belongs to individual units.3 selection and appointment system is not perfect.
systems and procedures are not standardized, the number of management are not strictly vocational preparation.Guizhou Minority leaders to engage in bartering1 handful of leading cadres to engage in bartering; not promptly investigate the existence of the handling of some cases, lighter handling and other issues; due to the lack of effective supervision and strict control measures,hogan olympia, resulting in construction, mineral development, land sales and other areas prone to corruption cases multiple.2 individual districts exist false statistics behavior, style will wind need further improvement.3 Leaders of individual study was not thorough enough, procedures need to be further strengthened and standardized.Hubei Promotion of cadres illegal assault1 presence of individual cadres abuse of power,hogan, corruption grassroots units and rural cadres rise.The presence of a small number of leading cadres 2-sided view of achievements,hollister, not a good safeguard the legitimate rights and interests in economic development; some localities and departments still exist "mountain of the sea" phenomenon.


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