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he would babble Babble Yeah,abercrombie milano, look around the eyes, I opened a bottle of mineral water to him, he went on to drink up and I do not believe Lin Dongsheng is in a vegetative state. "Lin Dongsheng in the end is not in a vegetative state? How much information the appraisal report contrasts with the reality of  exist?"Vegetative state" will temperJanuary 5.
classified as a disability, totally dependent on others for care (ie a care, a person long-term specialized care ). "Vegetative state? Such expert opinion Peng-style fiscal unbelievable.Reporters noted that the identification was commissioned by Ning County Legal Aid Center,piumino moncler uomo, identified in the September 27,giubbini peuterey, 2011 in."Lin Dongsheng how would be in a vegetative state? When August rather have the court hearing, the court  all." Peng style Choi said."I believe he was disabled,felpe hollister, but said to be in a vegetative state would be justified,giubbini moncler, is not the point the family would like to get compensation money?" Has been sixty years old.
explaining the parties are given identification center is a state forensic genus, then "they might wake up." But grave doubts.Damages caused by a car accident lawsuitWhen at 16:00 on January 5, the new legal newspaper reporter knocked on seventy elderly Chen Zhen Bao's house, he was still in bed rest. Wheelchair on the bed, sat his son Lin Dongsheng, his eyes open and did not sleep, eyes staring at the door just a reporter, and with the position of the moving mobile reporters, but not words.41-year-old Lin Dongsheng,giubbotto woolrich, just had a car accident and could not stand up,giubbotti peuterey uomo, you need to take care of Chen Zhen Bao night.At 12:20 on March 26, 2011 Xu, too late to dodge roadside Guaixiang a three-wheeled motorcycle motorcycle when a straight,hollister outlet, direct collision occurred. Lin Dongsheng former driver.
gray-haired Peng-style fiscal feel some grievance."Vegetative state" court would drink mineral water?Peng-style fiscal attorney exposing lawyers to new legal newspaper reporter presented him to two court personnel records of investigation last October 28,spaccio woolrich, which lives in Nanjing County Mei Town,hogan milano, Zhang Man Chan said: "August 3 pm hearing when I went to Nanjing County Court fourth courtroom at the hearing,outlet hogan, sitting alone in the gallery to see Lin Dongsheng, their Hold the bottle of mineral water to drink. "When this scene and the trial, also lives in town, Yang Zhu Xiu Mei look to.Peng-style fiscal difficult to understand is that the "own can drink, how to become a vegetable?"Such as Peng-style fiscal expected,hogan rebel, then, Lin Dongsheng families of the vegetative state of the appraisal report submitted to the court for compensation is calculated according to a disability costs.The morning of November 1 last year, Peng-style fiscal attorney lawyer deliberately exposing  father came home to find him,piumino woolrich, exposing lawyer told reporters: "I was sitting in a wheelchair to see Lin Dongsheng,hollister, I spoke to him.
otoGanzhou City, Jiangxi Nanjing County car accident along the bamboo Shizuo Township loose group of villagers Lin Dongsheng Village Luwu broke injured. Subsequently, the two sides dispute taken to the local court for compensation. When the judgment has not been injured family members issued a "vegetative state appraisal report," appeals to the court to require the perpetrator to calculate compensation according to level of disability-related standards. But in reality, the "vegetable" Lin Dongsheng was able to eat and drink yourself, take the bag. Related to forensic identification, said: "This is not up to a vegetative state."The new legal newspaper reporter recently went to a local survey interview.
who Zaijin a roadside ditch.Nanjing County police brigade in the accident Confirmation April 13, 2011 to show that the driver of the motorcycle's fault  aspect is that "not driving safety and technical inspection of motor vehicles on the road when driving, not wearing a safety helmet, and did not keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. " Driving three-wheeled motorcycle Peng fiscal aspects of fault type is "after driving the turn signal does not meet the technical standards of vehicles on the road and turn right, take measures inappropriate feelings of distress." Both sides "should bear equal responsibility for the accident."Lin Dongsheng hospitalized during fiscal Pang style paid 15,000 yuan for treatment costs,peuterey outlet, and the fact that Lin Dongsheng own family paid more than 10 million. Peng Lin Dongsheng formula Choi did not advance for all medical expenses, both sides have been caught in a dispute,abercrombie e fitch, and because the Peng-style fiscal consider themselves "do not bear equal responsibility."Under the stalemate, compensation disputes brought before a local court,hollister milano, and the trial last August, but has yet to judgment."Vegetable" expert opinion cited doubtsTogether with a simple traffic accident, causing disputes is not surprising. But after a disability identification submissions baked to make things appear unexpected changes.When Peng-style fiscal still stuck in the August trial, the amount of compensation for the direction of the court to let him find it difficult to accept,peuterey outlet online, September 30, 2011, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Forensic Center issued a disability forensic submissions, so he unexpected.Opinion Show: "Lin Dongsheng injury disability in line with" Injured in Road Accidents assessment "in the 'vegetative state' provisions.


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