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louboutin pas cher because there is no family to take care of









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im know that there is a love called neve(Reporter Chen Baoyun newspaper correspondent in Chengde Su Yunjie) two years ago,louboutin pas cher, has been sixty years old Qidong Lu injured in a car accident together,tn air max 2014 pas cher, because there is no family to take care of,blouson pjs, plus the driver can not afford the costs associated with elderly care and treatment costs faced no "hungry" dilemma. Understand the actual situation of the elderly, Chengde Chengde Steel Hospital medical staff gave him meticulous care, let Qidong land appreciate the homey feeling. Deaf old man was injured July 16, reporters at the hospital a spacious Chenggang ward saw Qidong land man. The doctor told reporters that the old man was a deaf-mute, to see people visiting the old man's face filled with a happy smile. From the old plump body and clean dress,barbour, it is hard compared with two years ago that he malnutrition, physical emaciated wounded. According to medical staff briefing, Qidong land Fengning elderly people Fengshan Town, August 3, 2012,hollister magasin, the old man on the road near the village was hit by a car when the driver quickly away from the old man to the scene of an accident The nearest town of Fengshan hospital. Because seriously injured.
we learned that the original Qidong land only a retarded elderly deaf husband can not afford to come escort, the only son had lost contact 10 years. In the days after surgery,air max pas cher pour femme, the first given by the driver hire life care, but by October 1, 2012, the driver assumes the primary responsibility to pay the hospital bills are no longer grounds, and no longer give any life care. Health care workers to their loved ones "The old man made two consecutive major surgery, when his body is very thin, severe malnutrition, the body of the injury has not fully recovered,louboutin, not to walk, you also need to continue treatment." Bearing steel hospital staff said, entering October After, the weather is getting cold, the elderly clothes very thin. Learned of his misfortune, the orthopedic medical staff have to show love. Nurses Song Liyun home stewed pork soup, boil rotten rotten rice given to increase nutrition; nurse Zhuyan Ting every day for the elderly to buy breakfast; other staff departments do at home to improve to eat nutritious meals to the elderly; spare work time.
the hospital sent to his home several times to contact the patient's extended family and the relevant departments of the elderly have not made any progress. Now, after nearly two years of treatment and care.
the elderly into a coma, hospital referral recommendations as soon as possible. So,tn nike pas cher, the driver put the Qidong land transferred to the medical condition of the elderly better bearing steel hospital. "Arrived in the hospital emergency room,hogan scarpe, the patient has been unconscious, covered in blood, was diagnosed as a rupture, multiple rib fractures, right femoral shaft fractures, traumatic shock, requiring immediate surgery,air max pas cher pour homme, otherwise life is no guarantee." It was involved rescue medical staff recalled that the hospital general surgery, orthopedic surgery medical staff immediately put the rescue. "General surgery overnight to give splenectomy, the patient passed the critical stage,christian Louboutin Pas Cher, on August 18,barbour, 2012 into the 20th month of Orthopaedics Orthopaedics .8 against him within the femoral shaft fracture fixation,barbour france, postoperative recovery went smoothly. "medical staff told reporters that in the last 20 days of treatment, they have not seen the old man's relatives came to visit and escort. After investigation.
health care workers will push the wheelchair to accompany Liu Wan Qidong land in the ward, let him feel the fresh air. Winter,abercrombie and fitch milano, we bring a jacket and from home and trousers. "In particular, the New Year's Eve 2013,boutique louboutin paris, the ward is open, patients who are discharged home to celebrate the Spring Festival, leaving the old man alone, we are in the restaurant specializes in nutrition for him will be a good big dumplings and meals. During the Spring Festival, the work of doctors and nurses per ward will go to the old man asked loudly 'Happy New Year', although he can not speak, but from the smile on his face,nike tn pas cher magasin, we can feel that he felt the warmth of home. "It is understood that under the circumstances Qidong land of the elderly, bearing steel hospital will be decided by the topic, while adhere to give treatment,louboutin pas cher, while contact their relatives and related civil affairs departments,manteau pjs, and 4,200 yuan per month hired care workers taking care of his daily diet . In the meantime.


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