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Women carrying children cursed the patient does not seat on the subway
□ Jinling Evening News trainee reporter Dong Mengying
When one suffering from diabetes, kidney disease and a man holding a baby while standing in front of you,http://www.theville.me/bianca2/viewtopic.php?pid=1120911#p1120911, you'll seat to who?
Yesterday on the subway on the 2nd line, the reporter witnessed the dispute triggered because of a seat, but what is surprising is that all passengers have to stand in the patient's side.
Seat on a crowded subway
Fuse into a quarrel
About 10 o'clock yesterday morning, subway station full of waiting XinJieKou people reporter with the crowd managed to squeeze into the car. Carriage full of people.
To a large palace station, under a number of passengers, the car was loose a lot, just when everyone ready to take a break,peuterey uomo, when suddenly came the shrill sound of a fight.
"You saw me holding the child told me to grab a seat, you really do not have civic-minded!" Reporter looked more fortunate, saying this was a woman holding a baby, she was standing in front of a seat on the seat The woman shouted accusations.
"I did not see you, to see if we will let you sit." Accused woman quickly explained. Can then women who went on to hold the child cried: "I do not want your seat, you're sitting in it, you will always have the ability to sit!"
They dispute in time, holding the back of a middle-aged man child woman spoke up: "She is in poor health, is the patient, how you speak so?"
This remark about the women who hold the child angered. "I talk to her, you insert what a big man mouth! Poor health? Well, I think is a bad heart, bad heart,http://fight.hbuleyuan.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=195155&fromuid=44920, only the human body was not good!"
A middle-aged man these words also anxious eyes,moncler outlet, "You talking to people how like this, you see her face to know she must be patient, to say just is not seen you ......"
Men would not finish it was interrupted by women carrying children, "Today you do not want to get off! I see you have no skill out of the subway station!" Then the woman took the phone ready to call.
Several women carrying children embarrassed
Passengers have accused discontent
Passengers could not stand around,http://wuliting.com/?action-viewcomment-itemid-2314, have accused the woman holding the child. A more than 30-year-old woman said: "hold the child no big deal, we are all people who had a baby, people give you your seat is mutual affection,http://www.t-kiden.or.jp, not a duty, you can not force people to give you your seat."
And let the seat of the middle-aged aunt also spoke up, "I just saw her face sallow, sickly,,piumini moncler,http://z-tech.jp/bbs1/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=5367&page=1, poor health to see you holding a child is very hard, but they can not because of this so curse ah! "
Reporters around a 20-year-old boy then whisper the sentence: "See you curse in a sonorous way, the body is certainly better than others the patient!"
Wait until the Xi'an door, middle-aged men and women who are ready to get off the seat,moncler sito ufficiale, did not think women carrying children or Buyiburao, "You two are not allowed to go,mulberry sale, I tell you, you do not come up with the subway station today! "
With the help of the surrounding passengers, the middle-aged man with a woman who successfully ground the car.
Ten years of suffering from diabetes
Repeatedly explained unintentional
Reporters asked a question came up, the original middle-aged man surnamed Wu, Lu people,moncler outlet, next to the woman surnamed Yin, 31 years old,http://www.8liuxing.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, is Mr. Wu's niece, diabetes ten years, in recent years has led to kidney disease, today Military General Hospital is ready to go to see a doctor. "I just sat down when I did not see her, to see if we will let her sit." Miss Yin wronged red eyes, she told reporters that despite their poor health, usually in bus, subway point of view to the elderly and children who will also hold the seat. "We got up at 6:00 this morning, the first bus to the Jiangning, sit Metro Line 1, Line 2 to Xinjiekou sub, toss three or four hours, my niece is a bit much, you see her face. "Under Mr. Wu reminder, the reporter noted that Miss Yin gray sallow face, who looked very haggard.
Reporter to Mr. Wu and Ms. Yin sent to Military General Hospital, in front of the hospital,louboutin soldes, Miss Yin told reporters again, said:. "I just really did not mean not to give her seat, really do not see."
Now in the law society,abercrombie soldes, between subway passengers enjoy equal rights, in essence, your seat is a moral consultation and cooperation must be voluntary and self-discipline. News that the vacate the seat in the end who is sitting,nike tn pas cher, seated before an individual depends entirely on the willingness of passengers.
Seat is a virtue but not the obligation, but should not be the name of the banner to the exercise of personal moral language of violence,moncler sito ufficiale, the reaction of passengers is also illustrates this point: Why in the name of morality, such a violent way pollute our hearing and Vision? Let not your seat, really is a big thing sesame point, but the language of violence in public places, and even acts of violence,http://www.92gg.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=10021, no matter what the reason is,louboutin, whether more than a sincere apology afterwards, they can not save bad social impact. Especially when the arms are also holding a child,tn pas cher, the parents as the child's first teacher, the impact of this subtle not let you give someone ten seats can remedy.
(Original title: women carrying children cursed the patient does not seat on the subway)

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