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switchblade and then fled. Currently









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When seven or eight face Zhang Hong, cheeky color fierce young man armed with machetes and sticks rained slashing toward  past, Wang Jifu aware of: evil befell ...... he had his hands over his head,, squatting ground despite machetes, sticks fell on his body. Twenty-three minutes later, Wang Jifu already covered in blood,woolrich negozi, but the instinct to escape the crowd let him find the gap, and immediately disappeared into the vast darkness of them, finally able to save their lives. Unfortunately,giubbotto woolrich prezzi, this is intended to be married the next day to go home tesujis Xiuyan guy hands were cut off, and also the head of congestion within the cranial cavity.
22 June 11 o'clock at night, the tragedy before a public and open-air stalls Jinzhou District Zhanqian Road nearby villagers and the market, and there  cut together his fellow Li Liangjie, fortunately  are in Jidao were not cut in the key, switchblade and then fled. Currently, the Golden State police investigating the case.
Quarrel with his girlfriend caused others note
Yesterday, Wang Jifu lying on the Jinzhou District People's Hospital bed, plaster hands, head and hands were wrapped around a thick bandage,moncler spaccio aziendale, because it is not the activities had to move in the air. Standing Wang Jifu bedside Li Liangjie, 21, and Wang Jifu fellow. Also covered are injured Li Liangjie because injuries are relatively mild, have from time to time to take care of seriously injured Wang Jifu.
Recalled the 22nd night scene,http://www.corelearningunit.nhs.uk/item/create_form/1, Li Liangjie suddenly stared, "These people are too fast, it feels like life do not like!" Li Liangjie introduced his work in Dalian, June 22 in the afternoon,peuterey bimbo, he went to look for the Golden State Wang Jifu ready to go home the next day. 10 o'clock that night,http://www.foss.lk/comment/profile.php?uid=68, Wang Jifu  with his girlfriend went to a small office and a nearby open-air market stalls people and eat barbecue. Before they go,http://www.web567.net/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=21452, there are already people here get on the table, next to put a lot of bottles.
"I'm not drinking a bottle of beer Yoshitomi between Yoshitomi and his girlfriend had an argument because the little things, Yoshitomi some angry, when to stand up and accidentally knocked over a stool, talking voice is also getting bigger."  says Wang Jifu next move aroused the attention of the gang, Wang Jifu see everyone all eyes toward his side view, a fit of anger, he Shunzui say "you see what see?" I never thought that this sentence for his lead came a scourge.
Little brothers were scored sentence trouble
"Then, that group of people would have stood up from his seat ......"  said, some people carry machetes and sticks and other equipment, has been carrying a machete after got the hands, the stick will come up. Li Liangjie and small office and hurried up Lycra,orari spaccio woolrich bologna,http://www.gamedesire.com/player/uodm0x4fdg/blog, but because of other people, one of whom eventually rushed past, holding beer mug suddenly hit Wang Jifu head ......
Wang Jifu eyes shut off, said, smashed in, he felt dark eyes,woolrich online shop, his head "Om" and look, so he squatted on the ground. Seeing other people did not close hand, but the rush toward Wang Jifu,  see the going gets tough,http://talktechies.com/, ready to help  when approached, the group turn directed him, and his face, head and body and more Department were injured.
Small office stood, crying for help to these people, even kneeling on the ground, but failed to stop the fight scenes. A few minutes of work, Wang Jifu hands can not move, two hands droop down. This allows the young man to escape the crowd to find a gap, while people do not prepare suddenly channeling out,peuterey roma, finally able to save their lives. Li Liangjie see too weak side has also had to flee the scene.
SOS alarm to the store owner
Wang Jifu ran and ran to the distance,nike aire max pas cher, no purpose, just mechanically running behind people who still have a machete to catch up. Escape process, Wang Jifu see street lights also have a shop, then quickly drill into it, "Boss, I beg you, someone chasing me in the back, and quickly called the police."
At this point,bologna spaccio woolrich, it is already more than 11 minutes late at night,http://www.z-tech.jp/bbs1/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=5296&page=, and are ready to closing the shop owner suddenly saw a bloodied man ran into the store can not help but surprised,giubbotti peuterey uomo prezzi, but the pressure of cross God, the ultimate help Wang Jifu police.
After police arrived, the knives to injure the gang have been invisible, stalls boss was taken away by police for investigation. Then the police came to the hospital a preliminary understanding of the situation,woolrich military, the present case is still under investigation.
Seriously injured and had intended to return home to get married
Yesterday at the hospital,outlet bologna woolrich, Wang Jifu told reporters that he work less than a year,http://forum.mi-ludi.ru/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=212678, during the work, to get to know his age and current girlfriend from a small office Xiuyan to Dalian Golden State in a garment factory. Just finished on the 22nd day of wages, they prepare the 23rd Xiuyan back home planning a wedding. This happened after the wedding had to be postponed. More seriously, after inspection, his hands were cut off tesujis, although the hospital for treatment in a timely manner, will cut off the bones connected, but can not determine the future recovery.
As of yesterday, Wang Jifu has spent more than 10,000 yuan fee, the reporter interviewed a small girlfriend is out raising money,  family being rushed to the road in Dalian. Reporter Sun Shenghui

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