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,nike air max 90
Subsequently, the police helped them buy a K9068 times tickets, send their foot on the train back to Zhangjiajie.(Original title: February spent nearly 70,air max femme pas cher,000 Qianli Xun love found a married girlfriend threw thTime:Yesterday 11:30 XuLocation:Ring segments into Los AvenueIncident:Of water mixed with stone suddenly rushed sky, scattered to the crossing vehicle,hogan outlet online, damage caused by different levels of about 24 vehiclesThe reason:A construction excavator will be one of the Ancient Town and West Town Area dig burst water pipe water supplyProgress:After emergency repairs, yesterday 14:20, burst water pipes have been dug to restore waterThe way in distress Construction troubleNational Day holiday, Wenjiang Guo uncle drove from older electric four-wheel vehicles,chaussure louboutin pas cher, go with friends Luodai. Who knows,abercrombie pas cher france, when the beltway segment reaching into Los Avenue, sky-dump "Stone Rain", vehicle damage, but fortunately people right. Occurrence of the losers? Originally.
only to find the car's windshield smashed a hole . Fortunately, three elderly people were not injured, but yesterday's travel plans would therefore "wasted."With three seventy uncle as encountered "Stone Rain" as well as pregnant women, single ladies. Single lady who lives near the time of the incident she drove the Audi car ready to go home with your family. She said at that time on the road traffic is heavy,louboutin, the speed is very slow,barbour france, suddenly rushed from the water column and stone pavement quickly water,air jordan femme, many vehicles are affected. Fortunately,abercrombie vestes, the near misses, people in the car finally safe. Wait until one lady recovered, I saw the car at the front windshield on the right side,hogan, has been punched with a stone "spider web."Construction trouble 300 mm pipes were dug explosion Water pipes can not be caused by twoNormal driving vehicles on the road,hollister e co, unexpected "Stone Rain" come from? According to the damaged vehicle at the scene said the driver was a roadside construction operations excavator will dig roadside pipes burst."Dug burst pipe diameter of 300 mm." Scene, the staff Chengdu Longquan District Water Corporation Ling introduced after the incident they immediately turn off the water pipes of the total gate,christian louboutin pas cher, and organization staff on-site repair. This is the root diameter of 300 mm of water pipes service the Ancient Town and West Town area, due to the vicinity of a pipeline with a diameter of one meter is connected to the main water pipe.
a roadside construction excavator will dig burst pipes,robes abercrombie and fitch, mixed with stones after the water column toward the sky,abercrombie italia, scattered to the passing vehicles. There are about 24 vehicles on the road and therefore varying degrees of damage ...The way in distress Suddenly rushed from the water column and stone Windshield into a "spider web""Was originally going Luodai play, I did not expect this kind of thing encountered." Guo uncle from Wenjiang, Zhu and Zhang uncle uncle,air max pas cher femme, have more than 70 years old,peuterey outlet, yesterday morning Guo uncle drove his old electric four-wheel vehicles, carrying Zhu and Zhang uncle uncle went Luodai play. 11:30 Xu, they line to the beltway Los Duan Boulevard, at this time of danger occur: accompanied by a "crackling" sound, stone,hollister pas cher homme, water column scattered to the car."Windshield broken, what could not see,louboutin, I felt something Zazhuo rang back of the head over there." Sitting in the back of Zhang uncle turned to look.


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