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and adults do not pay attention to those. "An Internet company in Beijing Xu Ling, economic conditions are not well-off. A year ago,louboutin soldes, she rented the house located at Beijing jiuxianqiao region, which is a fancy rent cheap. Just did not expect, a year later, she had to worry about this cheap house."This house is rented from the hands of intermediaries,hogan outlet, rental contract signed for one year. To the end of June this year,t shirt abercrombie and fitch, the contract was due to expire a few days to call me before the agency,chaussure tn pas cher, said that if you want to continue to rent the house, then get re- pay a mediation fee is one month's rent more than 3000 yuan. "Xu Ling said at the time she was anxious. They couple wages are not high, after the child was born earlier this year, also paid for, suddenly out of this additional expenditure does make her a bit stretched.Panic,christian louboutin pas cher, Xu Ling think of it, look at the house before the landlord had left her phone, can contract directly with the landlord to rent it? Brewing good wording, Xu Ling pick up the phone dial the past. Phone listening to Xu Ling landlord requests very readily agreed to her."If I sign a contract directly with the landlord, we both can save money from the hands of intermediaries renters, as they say, I'll have to pay a commission fee. Likewise, if the landlord will continue to be entrusted to an intermediary house, When re-sign a contract, they have to re-pay a commission fee. And the landlord to pay more, is a half months rent. Simply put, the agency requires a year to sign a contract, you can receive an agency fee to the tenant and the landlord annually . "Xu Ling said she communicate with the landlord,hogan 2014, calculated over this account.After a good talk with the landlord, Xu Ling heart of stone be off the ground. Xu Ling and landlords contact each agency, said the agency is no longer entrust their own contract.
the landlord appeared, said the house is not rented out, so we are ready to move. Generally speaking, this is the case, I can get from the agency to compensate,chaussures louboutin pas cher, but at this time the agency has disappeared. compensation can not get, before deposit should not pay back the key question is, in a personal capacity for this sometimes appear, sometimes in the name of the company appears small intermediary Even sensible place can not be found. "Niu Wen told reporters that this is the case,louboutin pas cher, but also that he did not blame the agency carefully verified information.If there happened to Niu own imprudent ingredients, working for an insurance company in Beijing Tian star who, even then with caution, did not escape the agency's calculations. In early 2012, Tian Fu star from Beijing Landmark Real Estate Brokerage Co. rented a room. Six months later, the agency clerk told him that the company parted,sneaker hogan new interactive, his rental business was transferred to the Beijing whole Lai Fu Real Estate Brokerage Co., two company's legal representative is the same person. "Because the company has changed,louboutin pas cher, I propose to re-sign a contract, or my interests can not be guaranteed." Tian Xing said that when he made this request was rejected by the agency. The reason is that re-contract,scarpe hogan donna, which means the original contract void and field star should bear the liability.This statement makes Tin Star intermediary fair hearing, nothing can replace the contract issue. Let Tin Star did not expect trouble yet to come. Instant contract expires.
Tin Star to intermediary companies require a deposit refund,basket louboutin, the results had a stomach gas. "Intermediary said there pencil scratches on the house walls are wood rather than the mattress on the bed frame, which had deducting money." Tin Star Liangshouyitan, "These things can not reason with them on the wall of a pencil there is just not written in the contract before the mark. Besides, I'm almost 30 years of age, a child would do such a thing? plank is my request to change an intermediary, they put the mattress away,abercrombie longue manches tees, this there is no written contract, and the result intermediary advantage of the loophole,hogan scarpe, deduction of 800 yuan deposit. "Leaving Tin Star annoyed that the direct intermediary company salesman said to him,hogan olympia donna, not let him get back the full deposit will try deducting money.Each had to pay an agency feePure water bottles along the wall to a slide arranged,pjs doudoune, standing in the doorway narrow aisles,abercrombie e fitch, people sometimes do not know how settled."Really sorry, really no place to put these bottles ready to save a few days to sell them." Xu Ling, rubbing his hands,hogan interactive donna, I am sorry to say, "pure water is to buy powdered milk for children.


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