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tn protecting the prosperity and stability of Xinjiang. Xi pointed out









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riot in the forefront. In Kashi Municipal Public Security Bureau police station is the Er Bage,tn, he watched anti-terrorism drill riot, police are encouraged to borrow Qi Jiajun, indicating "against violent terrorist criminals must have effective means." Xinjiang Armed Police Corps unit of the Secret Squadron, he "Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold," urged the officers and men, I hope you "for the motherland and the people and make new contributions."Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps unique irreplaceable in maintaining stability and development in Xinjiang in use. "Xing settlement, the Western Xing; settlement waste, the Western chaos" - learning the history of the President, for example, emphasizes the Corps work "can only be strengthened,nike tn 2014, not weakened," "let the Corps to become Xinjiang Anbian solid stabilizer,air max femme, cohesion a melting pot of people of all nationalities, bringing together the advanced productive forces and advanced culture demonstration area. "He also reviewed the militia queue rain.
stop and yield to pedestrians ; the car in violation of the ban on signs to prohibit marking instructions or do not follow the overtaking,doudoune parajumpers femme, so that the line and reverse traveling; vehicle fails.
as we make the interpretation.New regulationsThese circumstances once to finish with 12 points deductedHenan Business Daily reporter: the new regulations, which traffic violations once buckle finished with 12 points?Zhengzhou City Patrol Detachment: driving a motor vehicle after drinking; driving inconsistent with permission to drive a motor vehicle; escape after causing a traffic accident, does not constitute a crime; motor vehicle without a license plate, or deliberately obscured, defaced,hollister france pas cher, not required to install the license plate; using forged or altered license plate, driving license, driver's license; reversing car on the highway, retrograde, through the central median U-turn; driving operation of passenger and parking in the lane freeway .Record six points,hollister milano, three points have these traffic violationsHenan Business Daily reporter: a buckle 6 points,hollister pas cher soldes, 3 points of traffic violations are there?Zhengzhou City Patrol Detachment: driver's license be suspended for the period still driving; red light; within freeway lane parking; highway or illegal occupation of urban expressway emergency lane road traveling; in concealment, deception replacement driver's license The; not in accordance with the provisions avoid the school bus,air max pas cher pour homme, according to regulations to be deducted six points.A traffic offense,louboutin homme, subtract 3 points are: driving on the highway driving below the minimum speed of; driving fast on the highway or city road does not follow the lane; the car passing through the crosswalk,air max pas cher enfant, do not follow the slow down.
...Way to go,chaussures christian louboutin homme, all the way to see, the President Xi show "tenderness" scene after scene: his two frontiers militia Majun Wu praised "great"; he praised the college educated academician Chen Xuegeng "Heroes do not ask the source"; he "This is really fun," encouraged the fruit online the spokesperson, "If Uncle" ... and "tender" corresponds, in the stability and national security at stake in Xinjiang on terror,parajumpers paris, on anti-violence issues, the President Xi show "Hud" style, iron-fisted style.The army is the main force in maintaining stability in Xinjiang. He braved the rain to watch the shooting of the Xinjiang Military combat training courses and other presentations. When inspecting the Xinjiang Military Area Command of the Red Army division, he was told, "put red blood gene into the soldiers, so the red gene from generation to generation."Armed and Police Station located on terrorism.
inspected the weapons and equipment,chaussures louboutin pas cher, militia commanders and fighters are encouraged to improve the overall quality and level of training.The people's army, public security police and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, like "three sword", protecting the prosperity and stability of Xinjiang. Xi pointed out, must deeply understand the struggle against separatism in Xinjiang separatist and long-term, complex,barbour femme, acute anti-terror fight violence can not relax for a moment, we must take decisive measures to resolutely curb the arrogance of terrorist violence.President Xi Jinping strongman style attracted international media attention, several direct references Reuters President Xi's speech, "sweating more than usual,louboutin, to less bloody wartime"; in the country,chaussure tn pas cher, it is the point netizens praised constantly - "means to Hard, "" treat terrorists want mercy. "...How to cure Jiang Xi President has given the answer: violence against the terrorists, we must not hesitate to show "a heavy hand, under heavy" tough style: treat people, and our hearts are always full of "tenderness." Word, "Hud" and "tender" is indivisible two aspects.Towering Kunlun,sneaker hogan new interactive, great beauty Xinjiang. "Xi greatly, Xinjiang welcome you again!" (WHenan Business Daily reporter Li Jiangrui Ministry of Public Security chief reporter Hu Juyang newly revised "motor vehicle driver's license to apply for and use of provisions" (hereinafter referred to as the new regulations) on the 1st of next month we should implement. Car owners may be more concerned about where the deduction changes.Changes for the new regulations on demerit points,hollister, as well as some of the more concentrated misreading, Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Cai Fang and Le Jiaojing department.


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