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piumino moncler vocational graduates.Data show that China has more than 13









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,piumino moncler
but also no shortage of work, a lot of people do not seriously study. "Elected to the 2013 Person of the Year in Beijing Chinese economy  senior technician also told the media that the workers in the enterprise are not taken seriously until now only poor student test secondary technical school, and even test case candidates on zero technical school.In this regard, XiongBingJi pointed out that the lack of attractiveness of vocational education,abercrombie, because there is no vocational school autonomy,louboutins, vocational education in the curriculum,chaussures louboutin pas cher, professional training model set and did not form personality and characteristics.
in June this year,tiffany firenze, the National Vocational Education Conference held after a lapse of nine years,woolrich online, the National President Xi Jinping Prime Minister Li Keqiang have published instructions and speech.Vocational Education unpleasant economic restructuring difficult "upgrade"In fact,nike free, in the process of China's economic miracle,tiffany e co, and vocational education have also played a major role. However, because the pace of China's economic structural adjustment unpleasant and other reasons, it is difficult to vocational education "upgrade."Since the 1990s,outlet peuterey, China with cheap labor to become the world's factory labor-intensive industry gathering. To ensure the supply of skilled workers,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, China's rapid development of large-scale vocational education. 21st Century Education Research XiongBingJi vice president,giubbotti peuterey, said in an interview,peuterey sito ufficiale, began in the 1990s, the rapid development of large-scale vocational education for the community to transport a large number of vocational.
vocational graduates.Data show that China has more than 13,peuterey prezzi,000 secondary vocational schools, the vocational colleges over 1300 schools with vocational school students to reach a total of more than 30 million people, providing about 10 million graduates to the community each year.Coupled with more than twenty million of new migrant workers each year tens of millions of vocational school graduates, remarkable achievements made in China. However, thanks to the demographic dividend has been made in China rely on speed and scale to earn hard-earned money on the international low-end market, while strong demand for technical personnel in high-end industrial structure is not currently forming.Days of the Economic Research Institute researcher Zhang respondents pointed out that China's current state of the industry is one of the reasons vocational education has not really developed.She said that China is still relying on government investment in infrastructure.
real estate development to boost the economy. Although the service sector has developed rapidly increased,chaussures louboutin, but these industries need more workers this level personnel.She said that in recent years,gioielli tiffany, jobs in the larger cities where the gap is still third in the food service industry, marketing personnel, public security and simple labor staff. Quantitatively, the city's current vacancies still mainly as "Shortage" rather than "shortage of skilled workers."Vocational school students sought but not professional counterpartsAnhui,outlet peuterey, a vocational school teacher also told this to verify the situation. He said that vocational students are very popular, but can not do professional counterparts, many students only to the factory when the assembly line workers.Besides being state of the industry, Zhang also believes that the next one thousand one side mode of education, labor supply touch with the market, also contributed to the number of not less than application-oriented institutions failed to provide the appropriate number of application-oriented talents reasons. At present, Chinese Vocational and colleges have 1321,hollister felpe, accounting for the total number of 2198 Liucheng college.In addition,moncler uomo, a high degree of social cognition still valued atmosphere, vocational education is also difficult to recruit outstanding students face trouble.Respondents complained when these vocational teacher, said: "The number and quality of vocational school students are more than in the past to study in vocational school, or family economic condition is not good, either academically weak most of them are only children. No pressure to survive.


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