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mostly into a 10% -15% service charge.However, the reporter also learned that there are restaurants still charge the lowest consumption.Yingze District in Taiyuan North Taoyuan love still Diner, only five people sitting in the package, it is necessary to charge the lowest consumption 500 yuan,abercrombie paris, less the number of packets should be charged 300 yuan. It is understood that, under normal circumstances, where per capita consumption of 50-60 million. This means that if you want to pack dining room,christian louboutin discount, consumers should be more points nearly doubled dishes for the job,christian louboutin for cheap, but more out of this part of the food is likely to be wasted.Reporters call near Beijing Chaoyang Park ji still feast restaurant that would like booking a package, the staff answered the phone said the restaurant located on the third floor of the pack among the lowest consumption of 3800 yuan, on this basis also need to add a 10% service fees.The staff, when calculating whether the customer the lowest consumption, not including drinks cost only count dishes prices. According to public comment network statistics, dining in this restaurant is about 150 yuan per capita consumption, but only 10 people to sit down between "low consumption" package, on average, per capita spending has more than doubled.When a reporter said that may not reach the minimum amount of consumption.
the staff presented the second floor of the package - no minimum consumption,tiffany, but also subject to 10% service charge.Also among the package, why is there such a difference? "Room on the third floor package with a sofa, TV and large windows facing the lake,barbour paris, a better environment." The other explained.More beautifully decorated, quieter environment,abercrombie, better quality of service, is the reason many restaurants charge a minimum consumption. However,nike tn 2014, the minimum consumption charge,abercrombie soldes, potentially improving the dining threshold, affecting consumer dining experience. Currently, high-end dining is accelerating the transition to mass consumption,tiffany milano, the lowest consumption will certainly adversely affect the operation of the restaurant, I do not know this "card" can hold long.Buy popular these days,barbour france, the service can not be discountedMany high-end restaurant hit "civilian card",tiffany outlet, "Volkswagen" brand,air jordan, launched buy other new marketing methods to attract customers, but the service level is uneven, impact on consumer dining experienceKe Sun Frost"Xiangeqing 100 yuan vouchers sold only 79 yuan,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, I heard that vegetable prices also down, and could not help but to try once." Beijing Students Sun Linlin browsing recently found that in the past has been to take the "high road" in Xiangeqing.
also began launched a buy. Komago try holding the idea of   � uying a one buy coupons.Taking advantage of the lunch break, Komago called on a friend,nike air max pas cher, came together Xiangeqing gold elite shop. Just turn to the third floor entrance, magnificent decoration Komago gave a "blow":. "If not buy, I'm really not willing to come here to the consumer."Komago studied before sales table menu rack recommended ten dishes, discovered that in fact the price of these dishes are not too expensive,abercrombie and fitch paris, in addition to 88 yuan and 78 yuan a fish head, boiled fish, other dishes were no more than 50 yuan. Komago and friends both total points three dishes, the price is only ten dollars beyond the voucher."This meal spent a total of less than 100 yuan, feeling Xiangeqing is not so unattainable." Komago said with a smile."Eight provisions" after the introduction, in addition to a significant reduction in public consumption, but also pay more attention to the guests at their own expense savings,scarpe hogan outlet, which is not a small pressure on the management of high-end food and beverage industry.Faced with difficulties, many high-end restaurants hit "civilian card", "Volkswagen" brand, have launched buy other new marketing methods to attract customers. Open the "America group net" food section,hogan online, you can see the Quanjude, South Beauty, Xiangeqing, Shun Feng and other past seemingly "in the cloud" upscale restaurants have launched buy products.Browse buy page can be found.
upscale restaurants buy products generally use discount vouchers and discount packages for sale in two ways. Compared directly to the shop dine,abercrombie, buy these two methods are more affordable. More than 300 yuan per capita table meals, buy only by about 100 yuan per capita or less.More friendly price, by many consumers. In Beijing, Xiangeqing 11 stores generic electronic vouchers launched more than a month has sold more than 800 sheets; has sold more than 150 copies of the Universal South Beauty 10 stores open group of four meals a week.Buy cheap meal.


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